Message from CEO

Masao Shimokoriyama

My career started with my dream of becoming a system engineer.
I had gotten experiences of a system engineer until I turned early 30s.
My boss and senior peers repeatedly told me to figure out customers’ business.
Thanks to the mindset, I have worked hard while understanding customers’ workflows and thinking over the best way to use ERP packages, adjusting to their state.
I have adhered to the mindset even after I became CEO. As written in our vision, we strive to become reliable members of our customers.

Lotus Business Consulting Co.,Ltd

Masao Shimokoriyama

Management Philosophy / Our motto

Management Philosophy

We always provide professional services.
We would like to be best partner with your prosperity.

Our motto

Always be professional

  • Providing unparalleled service to customers
  • Giving employees appropriate treatment for their ability
  • Paying appropriate dividends for risk-taking to shareholders